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Baylor Premiere Day Tours

October 13-15, 2018 | 3 Days/2 Nights | 7+ Colleges

Choice of Two Different Itineraries
We have two distinct Baylor Premiere Day Tours. One tour combines Baylor Premiere Day with a NTX College Tour featuring TCU and SMU. The other combines Baylor with a CTX College Tour. Each is three days with a tour fee of $750.

  • NTX Signature Tour: Baylor + TCU + SMU & More [Departs Austin & Houston]

  • CTX Classic: Baylor + A&M + UT + TXST & More [Departs DFW & Tyler]

Both Include Full-Day at Baylor Premiere
Each tour will spend most of Saturday at Baylor for Premiere Day! It is only held once each fall and spring. Since this year's schedule is not yet released, click here to start planning your day with the one from 2016. Skip over to the 3rd page to see the agenda.

Every Roadtrip Needs Fun!
The Baylor NTX Signature Tour features the State Fair of Texas and Topgolf. While, the CTX Classic includes a trip to the Alamo, River Walk, and Topgolf. 

The Classic: Baylor Premiere Day + CTX Colleges

Departs: Dallas | Ft. Worth | Houston

SAT: Baylor Premiere Day | UMHB | UT Austin

SUN: TX State | Trinity | UTSA | Topgolf | The Alamo

MON: Texas A&M | Blinn (opt)

The Signature: Baylor Premiere Day + TCU + SMU

DEPARTS: Austin | Tyler | Houston

SAT: Baylor Premiere Day | Topgolf

SUN: UNT | UTD | State Fair (Hunter Hayes)


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