A Twitter post from our original parent organization -- American College Tours.

A Twitter post from our original parent organization -- American College Tours.


Our History

Postsecondary Pathways, a nonprofit with the mission of helping Texas secondary students make informed plans about college and career.

Originally, we focused exclusively on providing college tours enhanced with workshops on the College Selection & Application Process (CSPAN). In 2018, however, our services expanded to publishing interactive guidebooks about postsecondary options, as well as secondary opportunities that help prepare students to pursue their passions.

Our history began in October 2008 with a Central Texas College Tour for students from the Houston area. Over the course of three days, 24 high-ranking Bellaire High School seniors visited nine universities -- Texas A&M, UT Austin, Baylor, Texas State, St. Edward's, St. Mary's, UTSA, Trinity, and Southwestern. The trip included four comprehensive campus visits, three brief tours, and two driving tours.

The tour was arranged by our founder, Teresa Herrin, while she was teaching AP Government and AP Macroeconomics. During Teresa's years of teaching thousands of highly motivated seniors, she witnessed first-hand the stress of college admissions -- deciding where to apply, as well as where to accept. While some students kept their process private, many others shared with her their day-to-day journeys. Those interactions prompted the original 2008 tour. It was obvious students were having to make decisions about college without the opportunity to personally visit the universities under consideration. 

Through word-of-mouth, demand for our tours has accelerated. The leased vans have been replaced with luxury motorcoaches. Now, tours depart from cities and towns across Texas. We offer open-enrollment (students may register individually without sponsorship of their school), as well as custom or charter tours for school groups and community organizations.

In addition to offering affordable college tours — Postsecondary Pathways is eager to begin providing ALL Texas students with comprehensive information and resources about TX colleges and career opportunities.